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Frame Color/Lens ColorBlack / Clear
Black / Clear Black / Clear
Mint / Clear Mint / Clear
Blue / Clear Blue / Clear
Red / Clear Red / Clear
White / Clear White / Clear
Pink / Clear Pink / Clear
Frost / Clear Frost / Clear
Orange / Clear Orange / Clear
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Screen time happens, do something about it with our blue light blocking glasses for computer use! Experts warn that blue rays from electronic devices can cause serious damage to eyes and even screw up your sleep patterns, so we decided to use our unbreakable frames to stop those pesky rays with our Anti-Visual Noise (AVN) blue blocker lenses!



  • - Unbreakable frames - Our bendable, soft, durable frames are comfortable and ultra light! 
  • Prescription quality lenses - We use lightweight, shatterproof, and high performance AVN lenses designed for durability. No prescription required!
  • Blue light blocking protection - Block over 80% of the most harmful blue light rays (under wavelength 420 nm) and 99.9% UVA/B/C rays to protect your eyes.
  • - Superior clear vision - No harsh yellow/orange colored lenses to distort your vision. Blue light blocking lenses can also help reduce glare, improve contrast, provide better color perception, and relieve digital eye strain.
  • - Colorful frame options - You'll love the variety of color options we have for your computer glasses in our stylish Wayfarer style frames.
  • - Free carrying case - Your affordable blue light blocking glasses come with our awesome carrying case with convenient carabiner attachment!