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Practice Safe Specs!

As a new part of our website specseyewear.com you can get the Specs experience from the comfort and safety of your own home. Whether it’s for prescription eyewear, or sunglasses, we want to make sure that you get the glasses you love. When you enter our website there’s a popup asking if you’d like to schedule a time for a Free Virtual Eyewear Consultation. All you have to do is click the button saying “Schedule a time HERE” and you are just a few more short steps away from your Virtual Eyewear Consultation.

After choosing the day and time you’d like to have your Virtual Eyewear Consultation you're prompted to answer a series of questions so that our Eyewear Specialist can get a feel for what you’re looking for before your consultation even begins! You’re asked if you’re looking for glasses, or sunglasses, and if there are any particular brands that you’re interested in. There are also a couple of questions about the style of glasses you want, as well as the color. And finally asking if you have any preexisting questions about our lenses and such. Taking this little pre-consult quiz can help ease some of your anxiety as the customer, and also give our Eyewear Specialist a few ideas of what you’re looking for so they can make the most of your time.

Once you click that link you’re taken to the page where you can schedule the day and time that you would like your consultation. Our Virtual Eyewear Consultations are done via a Zoom meeting, just you, and the Eyewear Specialist that is working with you. Now I know you’re thinking “How will I know if I really like the glasses we pick out?” or “What if I can’t decide which pair of glasses is my favorite?” Well, following your Virtual Eyewear Consultation, we will send you up to four pairs of your favorite glasses or sunglasses to try on at home! Once you decide on your favorite pair ~it’s okay if you choose more than one, we get it~ you just send the others back with a prepaid label, and we only charge you for the pair(s) you kept!

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