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Frame Color/Lens ColorS/M - Black
S/M - Black S/M - Black
L/XL - Black L/XL - Black
S/M - Pink S/M - Pink
L/XL - Pink L/XL - Pink
S/M - Blue S/M - Blue
L/XL - Blue L/XL - Blue
L/XL - Mint L/XL - Mint
S/M - Bright Green S/M - Bright Green
L/XL - Bright Green L/XL - Bright Green
S/M - Lavender S/M - Lavender
L/XL - lavender L/XL - lavender
S/M - White S/M - White
L/XL - White L/XL - White
S/M - Red S/M - Red
L/XL - Red L/XL - Red
S/M - Frost S/M - Frost
L/XL - Frost L/XL - Frost
S/M - Orange S/M - Orange
L/XL - Orange L/XL - Orange
Add My Prescription Lenses


We know first hand how expensive glasses can be… breakable frames just won’t do! With transitioning prescription glasses you get a 2-for-1, as the prescription glasses will magically turn into sunglasses in sunlight! Transition lenses also block harmful blue light (like our "Screen Time Shades"), a suspected factor in retinal disease!


We assembled a team of licensed opticians to add prescription transition lenses to our awesome, bendable, durable, lightweight frames right through our website. (And yes, that price includes the frame, single vision prescription lenses, carrying case and shipping!) These lightweight lenses have a filter to block 99% of harmful UVA/B/C rays in addition to being impact-resistant so they will not crack or shatter!


You’ll get anti-reflective and extra scratch coatings included free of charge with all prescription sunglasses and transitions, and our custom add-ons like ultra thin lenses, scratch insurance, and spare frames are now available as optional upgrades. Pay only for what you need! We guarantee that the prescription transition sunglasses you receive will match the prescription you send us, or we will fix them free of charge.


We use polycarbonate lenses for our transition eyeglasses

Frame Measurements