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Zenka Eyewear at Waterfront

Specs Waterfront has brought in a new and exciting brand, Zenka. This brand allows you to change up your look every day even during the day if you wish. Have a casual look for work then change the accessories for a night out.

Zenka is an eyewear that is completely customizable. Multi-colored, multi-shaped, interchangeable clips can be added to the front or temples. This way you are able to change your eyewear every day all the time. You could match your eyewear to your outfit for the day, show off your vibrant personality, or just simply make a statement. Zenka is an eyewear brand that is made for everyone. Men, women and children of all ages! The way the process works is purchase one of the Zenka base frames then you buy as many clips as you like. It is a way to adapt your frames to look like many different pairs without purchasing an entire new pair.

The Zenka concept is simple, convenient and economical but makes you more fashionable than ever. There are 600+ selections in the range, so each spectacle wearer is assured almost total uniqueness. Zenka is revolutionizing the way you wear spectacles! All their products are 100% made in France, and are of the made from the highest quality. All frames are made of stainless steel, plastic, and/or titanium.

Our Waterfront location has Eyewear Specialist that will help you find the perfect frame then the perfect clips for every occasion. Our Waterfront location is open Monday-Wednesday & Friday 10am to 7pm, Thursday 10am to 8pm, Saturday 10am to 6pm and Sunday 10am to 5pm.

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