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Wiley X is a patriotic brand that was founded by a family for those that serve and protect. This is a family-owned brand through and through. Wiley X does not have employees. They are brothers, uncles, family friends – this company is FAMILY. The company was founded by U.S. Veteran Myles Freeman Sr. that served in the Army in the ’60s. He wanted to create an eyewear brand that could withstand the intense situations he and his fellow military personal endured. Protection for those protecting was one of the most important aspects of the company. Still is today! This brand was literally born on the battlefield and has an amazing story. It was created in the basement of a real estate building where the founder created this innovative brand. The sons joined and were ready to create a brand, create a following, create a need. Gear to be proud of is the goal.

Protective Eyewear for All

Wiley X provides eyewear protection for a ton of reasons. They create eyewear for military troops protecting and serving. First responders can find great value in Wiley X. Firefighters, Policemen, EMTs, health care provides can all benefit in their own ways by wearing this brand. Wiley X eyewear is for the blue-collar workers working in manufacturing, construction workers, aircraft, and so many more fields. Wiley X isn’t just for work. They work hard but also play hard! Wiley X glasses are great for shooting whether it be competitive or target practice. They also have swim goggles for kids and adults. Recently they have released adult and kid ophthalmic frames that can have prescription added or be used for everyday wear as well. Wiley X's slogan right now is Go Confidently. They always want you to be active whether it be for work or play and feel confident in whatever that might be. Go Confidently!

Wiley X in Prescription

Need safety but need a prescription? No problem! Wiley X and Specs can make that happen! There are a ton of eye injuries that happen every day and we want to help decrease the chances. Wiley X is one of the only premium sunglass manufacturers that exceed occupational standards when it comes to eyewear. The majority of their eyewear is safety stamped with the ANSI rating. Those that are not stamped hold up to the best standards possible. Our Eyewear Specialists will help you along the way. Wiley X frames and lenses are capable of meticulously crafted precision prescription lenses that are digitally mapped and tested to rigorously high standards. Every Wiley X lens is etched and certified that guarantees each one has the high-quality prescription lenses that are available. To keep the ANSI standards, Wiley X can process the lenses by doing what is called Digital Edge. Thinning to create prescription lenses for their high-wrapped frames. This technology is created to help enhance vision for those that have a higher prescription and desire a high wrap pair of sunglasses. This creates lighter and thinner lenses for the customer while allowing the appearance and integrity of the safety to not be compromised.

Warranty on all Frames

Things happen and Wiley X knows that. That is why they provide a great warranty system with all eyewear. For non-Rx eyewear, they provide a limited lifetime warranty that covers any and all manufacturing defects in material and workmanship. The Youth Force and Workmanship line has a warranty against defects in materials or workmanship for a maximum period of two years. Wiley X also has photochromic light-adjusting lenses that have a warranty against defects in materials or workmanship for a maximum period of 18 months. Prescription lenses that have the scratch coating on them have a one-time scratch redo for lenses that have frontal surface scratches due to normal wear for one year from the date of purchase. If the prescription eyewear has anti-reflective treatment on it that increases to a two-year scratch redo for lenses. Contact us to help you with your warranty!

Spare Parts

Need some parts for your Wiley X? We have those! We have facial cavity seals for frames that Wiley X provides them for. Some come in a standard size and some also have a thicker version option which allows for a closer fit to your face. The facial cavity seal helps prevent from debris getting in from the back of the sunglasses. You work in tough environments and Wiley X eyewear works hard to protect you. Have normal wear and tear on your lenses and need a new pair? No problem! They also have replacement lenses for your frames. We can help you pop in the new lenses or help you in doing it yourself as well. Our Eyewear Specialists are here to help! Gloves, hats, shirts, hoodies, tank tops and moreWiley X has it all!

We recently teamed up with Wiley X to help support Kanas Honor Flight. We did a Facebook Live to help raise awareness of Wiley X and what they stand for. Specs wanted to also share Kansas Honor Flight and what they do for our veterans. Check it out on YouTube HERE! 

Check out everything Wiley X on our website or stop by one of our stores to see how Specs can set you up with all the right gear!



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