Why you need more than one pair of glasses from Specs RX!

If you wear prescription glasses, you should definitely have more than one pair! I mean who wants to wear the same glasses every day, it’s nice to spice it up and add some variety to your eyewear wardrobe! The possibilities are endless, you can have your everyday glasses, your fancy glasses, and maybe even a prescription sunglass. These are just a couple of reasons why one might want multiple pairs of glasses, and we always keep our customers in mind which is why we are offering a BOGO 41% discount on all prescription orders!

BOGO 41% off

We do offer BOGO 41% off all prescription glasses orders, the only stipulation is they have to come from the same lab! However, that’s generally not an issue, so go ahead and get your favorite two pairs of glasses

Benefits of having more than one pair

When you’re picking out new frames it's difficult to choose just one, so why not choose two! Two is better than one, as they say, this way you can have one metal frame and one plastic frame, or you can get one plain black frame along with the colorful frame of your dreams! Maybe you want one frame for everyday wear, and another for more formal occasions, we can take care of that for you! Other than the stylistic benefits having more than one pair of glasses is helpful for if you misplace one, you have another pair. Or if one of them breaks and needs to be repaired then you have your other frame to wear in the meantime! 

Everybody Needs Sunglasses

Even if you don’t want two pairs of regular clear prescription glasses, we have you covered! We have a large selection of non-prescription sunglasses from your favorite sunglasses brands! Brands like RayBan, Oakley, Costa, Maui Jim, and Gucci. Sunglasses are very important to the health of your eyes, by shielding your eyes from the harsh UV rays of the sun, sunglasses protect your eyes. Extended exposure to UV rays from the sun can cause premature aging of your eyes as well as eye strain and headaches. Finding your perfect pair of sunglasses to work with your prescription glasses is definitely the way to go! Here at Specs, we have everything you need to find your eyewear for everywear!

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