Use Your Flex @ Specs!

Its’ the time of year where some Flex Spending accounts come to a close. With the date quickly approaching you might be asking yourself where you can spend the rest of the money. Did you know that you can purchase prescription eyewear and sunglasses (with or without prescription) with your Flex Spending card? You can! All Specs locations accept Flex Spending/HAS credit cards.


Use your Flex at Specs! A Flexible Spending Account is an account you put money into that you use to pay for certain out-of-pocket health care costs. For example, some of the health expenses that a Flex Spending account can help pay for would be co-pay, dental work, prescriptions, and eyewear (with or without prescription).

Eyewear for Everywear

Specs Eyewear is here to help you find the perfect eyewear for everywear. Our Eyewear Specialists are here to help properly fit you into the correct frame. We strive in making sure that every customer receives the best-detailed attention and assistance from all our Eyewear Specialists. If the frame isn’t quite fitting right, your Eyewear Specialist will look the frame up to see if it comes in another size and get it ordered for you. The same goes for the color of the frame. Once we find a shape that fits you, we look the frame up to see all the color options available and order the perfect frame for you. This way you are getting an even better value out of your Flex Spending account.

Specs Eyewear has five locations: Waterfront at 13th and Webb, Towne East at Towne East Square Mall, New Market on Maize Road, and Hutchinson. Stop by any of our locations to see the value you can get by using your Flex at Specs!

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