Top Four Sunglasses Brands in Wichita, KS

Getting ready for a long vacation in the lakeside, camping trip or are you planning for the most waited summer getaway? If yes, then you might be in for a shopping spree of swimsuits, camping gear, and summer outfits. Aside from those things, you shouldn’t forget a quality pair of sunglasses! It’s not just a fashion statement, but also great protection. To help you choose the right brand and where to find them, we have listed the top four brands of sunglasses in Wichita, Kansas.


This brand is one of the most iconic brands of sunglasses that you can see in Hollywood movies. This brand is devoted to their Proud to Belong and Feel the Beat design but still stays on the trend when it comes to sunglass technology. RayBan incorporates polarized and photochromic lenses in most styles to give you several options. These lenses are suitable for people that are light sensitive or often going in and out of direct sunlight.

RayBan has a collection of diverse and modern style frame designs that evolves throughout the years, making them a most regarded brand when it comes to sunglasses. They have a number of choices to choose from that will surely complement your face shape. Of course, you can never go wrong with the classic design such as Aviators and Wayfarers - it compliments almost everyone!


If you’re into a sportier look, then you might want to check Oakley. This company has been pushing their eyewear technology for over 40 years and you will find their eyewear on many athletes. Oakley’s sunglasses are known for their impact protection and clear vision on all kinds of situations, gaining popularity among athletes. This brand also focuses on making prescriptive glasses that are not only suitable for an active lifestyle but also offer a great benefit to your day-to-day living.

One of Oakley’s flagship glasses is the True Digital prescription lenses where it minimizes distortion and blurring, making it ideal on a fast-paced sport or just a casual bike trail. This technology also balances the vision on both your eyes and brain which results in an easier recognition of what you are seeing.

Maui Jim

Another iconic and most recognized sunglass brand is Maui Jim that was originally crafted on the island of Hawaii. Since this company is gaining popularity, they started to sell their sunglasses worldwide. This brand offers different kinds of frame shapes and lens tints. The eyewear that they produce is ideal for the beach or any water adventures since the sunglasses are treated as saltwater safe. All Maui Jim sunglasses include their patent technology of PolarizedPlus2 lenses.

Maui Jim sunglasses are also popular in terms of their style, they offer numerous varieties of sunglasses that can perfectly suit your face and outfit as well. Whether you want to have a sporty look or a more fashionable one, it’s up to you to decide.


Costa is considered as one of the top brands of sunglasses, mainly because they offer the best sunglasses for fishing or any water-oriented activities. It has various frames, offering its own performance advantages and style. When it comes to fishing or any water sports, a sunglass is not just for style, but also serves as a protection for the eyes, has durability, and is comfortable to wear. These are three main factors when it comes to choosing the perfect sunglasses.

Sunglasses play an important role not just in your style and have a lot of benefits. When it comes to finding the perfect pair no matter what brand you are looking for, Specs has them all. We have a wide range of sunglass brands, including the top four brands mentioned above.

Looking for prescription sunglasses? Then Specs can help you find the right one! Go to the store near you and our team of experts will surely help you.

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