Specstacular Savings

Have you heard of our Specs Membership? It's a program we do here at Specs, to make the Specs experience even more specstacular for all of our customers. For only $35 a year you can get 20% off everything in our store, at all of our stores. The form takes less than two minutes to fill out, and we renew it for you every year, so you don’t have to remember to do it! We want to make sure all of our customers are taken care of, and we understand that it's our attention to detail, and attentiveness to our customers that many of you come back for!

No Insurance, No Problem!

Don't have insurance? No problem, a Specs Membership might be a great option for you! It is more affordable than insurance and you aren’t locked into a confusing insurance plan. The Specs Membership is $35 per person, so if you were to get it for your family of four, it would only be $140 a year for 20% off everything we sell, prescription eyeglasses, sunglasses, accessories, and everything in between. So don’t waste any time, come in and ask one of our Eyewear Specialists about the Specs Membership today!

We understand that sometimes the price tag that comes along with getting new glasses can be quite unsettling, that's why we began offering our Specs Membership. Eye insurance can be confusing, and pretty expensive, so we wanted to offer our customers a different way to save on fashion-forward eyewear near you! We want to make certain that your Specs experience is absolutely specstacular to keep you coming back to see us! 


The Specs Membership makes the Perfect Gift

Do you have trouble deciding what to give as gifts? Well, maybe a Specs Membership is the answer to your question. With 20% off everything at all Specs locations, gift-giving is easy. Some new prescription Maui Jim sunglasses for your mom, some Oakley’s with an Oakley case for your dad, and maybe some blue-light-blocking eyeglasses for your brother who is always on the computer. Maybe even something for yourself? You could even buy a Specs Membership as a gift, you know someone who loves eyeglasses or sunglasses? A Specs Membership is a gift for them! Here at Specs, we strive to be a leader in our industry, to provide only the best for all of our customers. 

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