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Have you ever experienced color blindness? Does it affect you or someone you know? If you’re not color blind, you likely assume that the condition is like seeing the world in black and white. You assume it’s like THE WIZARD OF OZ before Dorothy crosses the rainbow into the technicolor land of the yellow brick road. It isn’t. 

Color blindness is not the absence of color. It just strips away the vibrance. The world appears muted, drab, shaded. A bowl of M&Ms is hard to distinguish from a bowl of mixed nuts.  The world is flat. It lacks dimension. If you are color blind, you don’t realize what you’re missing. 

EnChroma changes that. It’s a stylish, scientifically proven technology that helps the color blind experience the world in a way they’ve only imagined: in living color.  

Most correctional lenses focus on function rather than fashion. That means they help you see, but make you less visually appealing. EnChroma defies that logic. They make frames that are fashionable and practical. You see the world better and look better to the world. It’s a win-win product. 

How Does It Work?

Color blindness is when a person struggles to distinguish between shades of colors: yellow vs. orange, green vs. brown, or blue vs. purple. This confusion is the most common form of color blindness, “red-green color blindness.” It’s hereditary, passed down through X-linked recessive genes.  “Blue-green color blindness” is a sign of age-related eye conditions like glaucoma. The rarest form is when you see the light intensity, but not color. The world is black, white, and gray. This is monochromacy. It affects up to 4% of the world’s population and is more common in men than women. 

That’s why a glass scientist and UC Berkeley educated mathematician developed the ground-breaking lens technology that led to EnChroma lenses

Now, EnChroma lenses adjust the way white light enters your eye. Normal color vision lets every color of the rainbow into your eyes with white light. This light activates three photopigments featuring three photoreceptors sensitive to blue, green, and red. 

When those photoreceptors overlap, your brain cannot distinguish between the colors (often, red and green). That’s color blindness. EnChroma’s optical lens technology filters light wavelengths to separate overlapping photoreceptors. The excessive overlap creates confusion. EnChroma literally breaks the confusion line for the individual allowing them to differentiate between RED and GREEN. Imagine driving a wedge between two objects stuck together. That’s what EnChroma does for your vision. 

After more than a decade’s worth of clinical research in applied science, optics, and mathematics, EnChroma pushes the limits of color vision research to alleviate color blindness once and for all. See all the rich splendor this world has to offer. 

The Beautiful Reveal

Arthur C. Clarke once said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Superior technology is what makes EnChroma magical.  How else can we explain the reactions of color blind individuals trying on EnChroma lenses for the first time? There is a sense of joy, surprise, and genuine delight with everything they see. 

If you’re familiar with EnChroma, it’s probably because they have devised an ingenious marketing plan. When customers first receive their EnChroma lenses, they provide EnChroma branded balloons to inflate in the background and encourage customers to film their first experience seeing the world through EnChroma lenses. This is designed to see the reaction to seeing certain colors for the first time in years, or maybe ever.

As you can see, the reactions are moving. People are flooded with emotion as EnChroma unlocks a previously stunted experience. To see the look on a color-blind person’s face the first time they can fully understand “green” is beyond amazing. It’s a transformative event. 

Life-altering in an understated way. If you’ve never seen leaves change in autumn, the subtle shift of the sky after sunset, or even the brilliance of grass, EnChroma is here to illuminate you. 

Seeing well, Looking better

The most striking thing about EnChroma lenses is how they come in striking, designer-caliber frames. You can get EnChroma glasses for indoor use or sunglass style for outdoors. If you ever tried something like transition lenses, the convenience of combining sunwear and eyewear in one lens was offset by the strangeness of how the lenses looked when you walked from indoors to out. 

EnChroma doesn’t do that to you. They always look cool. From the frames to the lenses themselves, they are destined to help you see well and look even better. From aviators to wayfarers, wraparounds to retro round styles, EnChroma glasses come in every shape for every taste. SpecsRX can also insert EnChroma lenses into regular prescription frames or sunwear if you are so inclined. If you wish to overcome color blindness by wearing EnChroma lenses in Ray-Ban wayfarers, SpecsRX can do that for you.

Lightweight. Durable. 100% UV protection with an anti-scratch, anti-reflective coating on the lenses. EnChroma glasses feature everything you want in sunglasses while providing a revolutionary relief to color blind individuals. 

Pick up EnChroma at SpecsRX

The only question we have for you now is...what are you waiting for? 

EnChroma certifies only the most select distributors to sell these glasses. SpecsRX is one of the few eyewear stores in the state of Kansas authorized to sell EnChroma. Stop by one of our four convenient locations in the Wichita metro area to experience the magic for yourself. 

Don’t forget to film it. Even if you’re not one to share on social media, the first time you see a full spectrum of color is a memory you will want to have on video. 

EnChroma Eyewear promises color vision solutions to all. SpecsRX embraces fashion-forward eyewear, state-of-the-art sun wear, and the best prescription technology available on the market.  They belong together. 

Visit SpecsRx today!

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