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What are the Benefits of Prescription Sunglasses?

When it comes to sunglasses, prescription lenses are a must if you have poor vision. The benefits of prescription sunglasses are enormous and can make a major difference in your life. While some people may find that they can get by with inexpensive non-prescription shades, prescription sunglasses will generally be more comfortable and functional for everyday use. Prescription sunglasses are custom made just for you and everywear you go. Another benefit is that you won’t need to wear contacts or switch between multiple pairs of glasses when you go outside – one pair of prescription sunglasses will do the trick!

One significant advantage of prescription sunglasses is that they allow you to relax your eyes when outdoors. Squinting at things constantly is not only annoying but also causes headaches and eye strain. Prescription sunglasses keep your eyes relaxed while keeping them protected from harmful UV rays that can cause premature aging and blindness over time! If properly cared for (by cleaning them with the right materials and storing them properly), these glasses should outlast regular ones because they aren’t scratched quite as easily due to being made specifically for you instead of having generic shapes on them like most store-bought pairs would have.

Polarized Prescription Sunglasses

What are polarized lenses? Polarized lenses are sunglass lenses that eliminate the glare of the sun bouncing off a flat reflective surface. This type of glare is called horizontal glare and can be a problem depending on your environment and activities. Polarized lenses make it easier to see on bright days by reducing this horizontal glare. You’ll find that polarized lenses make for a more enjoyable experience at the beach or when driving because you can see better without having to squint. They allow for increased visibility when traveling in snow-covered areas, as well as during summer sports like boating, fishing, or skiing.

What are the benefits of polarized lenses?

  • Reduce Glare: Improve clarity and reduce eye strain with no color distortion
  • Improve Performance: Enhance depth perception and decrease eye fatigue
  • Protect Eyes: Block 100% UV rays and minimize harmful blue light from digital devices

The Anatomy of Your New Prescription Sunglasses

Your new prescription sunglasses are made up of a few different parts, each with its own function.

  • Frame. The frame is the part of the sunglasses that holds everything together and gives your face a custom fit for maximum comfort and security. Frames come in many different brands, shapes, and sizes - from large to small, round, square or rectangular, and everything in between! There's a lot to choose from here if you're not sure what you like, but at Specs Eyewear we recommend starting by looking at brands with styles you know you already love!
  • Lenses. The lenses of your prescription sunglasses do the main work: they protect your eyes from harmful UV rays while allowing you to see clearly without squinting or straining them. They come in many different materials including polycarbonate, high index (hi-index) plastic, and glass depending on what you need most - protection, weightless feel, or durability!
  • Temples (or arms). These are the pieces that extend from either side of your head where they connect to each lens by means of hinges. 

Prescription Sunglass FAQs

If you're still unsure whether prescription sunglasses are right for you, here are some common questions we hear from our customers.

  • How do prescription sunglasses work? Prescription sunglasses are tinted lenses that come with your prescription built-in. Whether you wear single vision or progressive lenses, we can make your prescription into sunglasses. You can also get polarized lenses for sunglasses and blue light glasses to protect your eyes from glare and harmful digital light.
  • Can prescription sunglasses be made with a mirror coating? Yes! Most of our sunglass frames come available with a mirrored coating that is ideal for outdoor activities like boating and driving. We also offer gradient tints that darken from top to bottom so they don't interfere with reading when looking down at your dashboard while driving.

You can have prescription sunglasses made any way you want them

If you want prescription sunglasses made a certain way, chances are we can do it. We offer an extensive selection of sunglass frames that you can put prescription sunglass lenses in!

First, you have to choose the style of sunglasses you want. Some examples include aviator frames that have been around forever and never go out of style; oversized frames for men or women who like to make a statement; round frames for people looking for something with more novelty; sports wraps for athletes who need extra protection from the sun (or other things like bugs); metal frames if your goal is to look sophisticated; plastic frames if your main priority is comfort; rimless glasses that are great if you're going for something casual yet chic; semi-rimmed glasses that offer the best of both worlds—the slim look of rimless glasses with the support offered by full rims—and many others. Second, you can totally customize your lenses! What do you want your base tint to be, what color mirror you want all of that fun stuff! Build your new favorite pair of sunglasses with Specs Eyewear today! Stop by one of our four Wichita area locations and speak with one of our experienced Eyewear Specialists about prescription sunglasses!

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