Oakley Prescription with Virtual Eyewear Consultation

Did you know you could get the full Specs Experience, customizing your perfect pair of Oakley prescription glasses completely online? With our free Virtual Eyewear Consultation, you can get prescription Oakleys from the safety and comfort of your home. Just like being in-store, one of our experienced Eyewear Specialists will walk you through the process of picking out, and customizing a pair of prescription Oakley sunglasses. 

Virtual Eyewear Consultation

With our Virtual Eyewear Consultation, you can easily book an appointment with one of our Eyewear Specialists. When scheduling your appointment, you’re prompted to ask a series of questions, so your Eyewear Specialist doesn’t go into the appointment blind. In those questions, you can specify what you’re looking for, prescription, sunglasses, different brands, and there’s even a spot for questions you have going into the consultation. After you book your appointment you follow the links in the follow-up emails to get to your Zoom appointment, when your appointment time comes. Your Eyewear Specialist will walk you through all, and any frames you want to see, and if you want to see them in person, just to make sure you love them, we'll send you up to four frames to try on at home, totally free!

Oakley has a lot to offer!

Now, let’s talk about Oakley. Oakley is one of our most popular brands, and for good reason! They have a wide array of options when it comes to both frames and lenses, and just about all of those options are available in prescription, with a few exceptions, of course. Taking a look at your prescription will tell your eyewear specialist what options are available to you, in single vision and progressive lenses, and Oakley is compatible with most prescriptions! Oakley has different frames, and lens colors specific for your favorite summertime sports and activities, and even options ideal for those who just want something for everyday use. 

Ensuring the Perfect Fit

During your Virtual Eyewear Consultation, your Eyewear Specialist has over 100 different Oakley frames in-store to show you on your Zoom call, and if there is a style you’ve seen online that we don’t have in-store, we can order it in! With so many different styles, there is something for everyone from Oakley! Oakley authentic prescription lenses come with Oakley True Digital Freeform Technology, which optimized vision, minimizes blurring, and reduces peripheral distortions. This gives you the best vision throughout your entire lens, not just in the middle. Oakley has many sports, and activity frames that have quite a bit of wrap or curve to them, to fit more flush to your face, making them ideal for physical activity and sports. When you get prescription lenses in a frame with a lot of wraps, Oakley True Digital technology automatically compensates your prescription to the wrap of the frame to allow for the best vision possible. Your Eyewear Specialist will know what frames will work best for what activities you want them for, making sure you get the best Oakley prescription glasses for you!

Choosing the perfect frame

There is a lot going into choosing a frame, that’s why we offer our Virtual Eyewear Consultation so that you have the expertise of our Eyewear Specialists right in the palm of your hand! In the case of Oakley prescription glasses, they put a lot of thought into every aspect of their frames, from the material to the teeny tiny hinges, and everything in between. Oakley uses six different frame materials, prioritizing comfortability along with durability, and being lightweight. These materials include, but aren’t limited to stainless steel, titanium, carbon fiber, and Oakley trademarked wire called C-5 and patented plastic material called O-Matter. Oakley had four different types of hinges, to make sure that along with the ultra-durability of the frame materials, the parts of the frame stay together, and work properly, to ensure your prescription Oakley’s fit correctly. A lot of thought goes into Oakley frames, and how they fit. On their metal frames with nose pads, they’ve been engineered to not snag on hair. They have a secure fit, so whether you’re fishing, cycling, or any other kind of sporting, your prescription Oakley’s will stay on well. 

Oakley Authentic Prescription Lenses

All of Oakley’s Authentic prescription lenses are etched with a small Oakley “O”  on the bottom corner so that you know, they are completely authentic. Let your eyewear specialist know if you are wanting a clear, or colored lens, so they can review all of the options Oakley offers during your Virtual Eyewear consultation. If you decide to go with a colored lens, the best that Oakley has to offer is their Prizm lenses with their Prizm Lens Technology, carefully created after years of research to understand the human eye, and how your brain interprets color, glare, and contrast. There are two different blanket categories for Prizm lenses, Prizm Sport, and Prizm Everyday. Within the Prizm Sport range, there are lens colors specifically engineered for certain sports, Prizm Deep Water, Prizm Field for bright light, and reduced glare when fishing, and playing a sport like baseball. Then there are medium-light options like Prizm Road, for cycling, Prizm Golf for golfing, and Prizm trail, for hiking. Oakley Prizm Everyday lenses have five different colors that bring colors to life and make your every day more vivid while also giving your eye that extra protection they need. 

Utilizing our free Virtual Eyewear Consultation, allows you to fully experience the process of customizing the perfect prescription pair of Oakley’s for you, from the safety and comfort of your home! You can choose from all of the options we have in-store and more. So don’t hesitate! Go make your Virtual Eyewear Consultation appointment now, and ask them about Oakley authentic prescription glasses!

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