Mothers Day 2021

Mothers Day is coming up fast! May 9th is only a week away, do you know what you’re getting your mom or a special mom in your life? Here at Specs, we have countless gift options so you’re bound to find something for her! From glasses, prescription, or non-prescription, to sunglasses (which also come in prescription) readers, and eyewear-related accessories we have the perfect gift to show the mom, or moms in your life the appreciation they deserve. Giving gifts to mothers around you is a great way to show that you appreciate them, and all they do to make your, and others’ lives easier! Mothers truly are superheroes. 

Prescription Gifts

Speaking of those prescription glasses, as long as you have her prescription, you can get prescription glasses for a special mom in your life, you just have to come in, and pick out a frame, lens type, and any add-ons she may want, like a blue filter, or a fashion tint. Even if she doesn’t want a prescription in them she just wants some fashionable frames to wear, or a good pair of blue light filtering glasses for her computer or phone, we can do that too! We have lots of frame options, in-store and online, you can even set up a free Virtual Eyewear Consultation, so you can pick out the perfect Mother’s day gift from the comfort of your own home! We carry lots of different brands, both in-store and online, so if you find something online, and you don’t see it in-store, just say something! We’d be more than happy to order it for you!

The Perfect Sunglasses for Mom!

Let’s talk sunglasses, everybody needs sunglasses, especially on-the-go moms, who have more important things to worry about than protection for their eyes! We carry many different brands from RayBan to Chanel, so finding the perfect pair of sunglasses is as easy as coming in and talking with one of our Eyewear Specialists! It’s Mother’s day, so the moms in your life should be treated like the queens they are! They deserve a nice pair (or maybe even two) of Maui Jims, that come with a lifetime warranty so if something happens we can fix them for free! Even if she finds a frame that isn’t technically a sunglass frame, but she wants sunglass lenses in it, we can do that! We offer many different lens colors, with mirrors and polarization if that’s what she wants! 

Memberships, and Gift Certificates

If you’re drawing a total blank on what to get her, because you just have no clue, we have a Specs Membership! For only $35 you can get her a Specs Membership that gets her 20% off everything purchased for a whole year, which makes her gift next year pretty easy if you ask us! This way, you’re saving her money, and she gets to pick out what she wants herself! Come on in and talk to one of our Eyewear Specialists about what to get your mom for Mother’s day, there’s lots to choose from! 

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