Maui Jim Now Available on Our Website!

We carry many popular brands both in-store and on our website, and one of those brands is Maui Jim. Many of our customers, loyal, or new customers come to us just for Maui Jim, and now it’s available on our website! So you can have the specs experience right from the comfort of your couch. 

Our Website 

We have lots of brands available for purchase on our website specseyewear.com, and we are constantly working to add new products and brands! Our website is easy to navigate, which makes purchasing Maui Jim sunglasses online easier than ever. When checking out on our website we offer shipping protection, just in case something happens to your package while in transit, you’re covered. At checkout, we offer multiple different ways of secure payment with Google Pay, PayPal, Amazon Pay, and Shop Pay. 

Maui Jim Online

On our website, we have over 70 styles of Maui Jim sunglasses available for purchase. Many of those styles come in a couple of different colors to choose from so you can find the best pair for you! Maui Jim boasts top-of-the-line polarized lens technology in all of their lenses, so no matter what color you know your eyes are protected from the sun. Using high-quality materials Maui Jim sunglass frames are made with care, and durability in mind. If something does happen to break Maui Jim offers a lifetime warranty with all of their sunglasses. If anything breaks and needs repairing or replaced give us a call, and we can get you all fixed up with parts and service straight from Maui Jim! We have many of Maui Jim’s fully rimless styles like Aki Aki and the Frigate. We also carry some other unique sunglasses like the Adrift coming in two different colors and the Kalani coming in three different colors with a cool cat-eye look. 

Virtual Eyewear Consultation

If you’re unsure of a frame you like, or you just want another opinion, you can book a free Virtual Eyewear Consultation. When you book an appointment for a Virtual Eyewear Consultation you’ll get a zoom call with one of our experienced Eyewear Specialists, and they will help you pick out the perfect glasses for you, from the comfort and safety of your own home. When you’re making the appointment you are prompted to answer a few different questions, and in those, you’re asked what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a stylish new pair of Maui Jim sunglasses, put that as your answer. Giving your Eyewear Specialist a little bit of insight into what you’re looking for before your appointment will help them prepare, and think of some styles to suggest. If you still can’t decide on just one frame, we can send you a few in a try-on box, and when you decide you just send back the ones you don’t want so you’re only charged for the eyewear you keep. 

Go take a look at our website, we offer many different styles from lots of brands, and we are working every day to add new products for you, our customers. Maui Jim, now available online, Is a great brand with top-of-the-line lens technology, and high-quality frames made with care. If you cant decide which frames you want off the website because you want to see them in person, don’t hesitate to book an appointment for a free Virtual Eyewear Consultation

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