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Sunglasses are synonymous with cool. Maybe it’s the black and white photos of Hollywood stars or that they’re the go-to for when famous people want to disguise themselves in public. Maybe because it’s hard to look cool when you’re squinting. At the end of the day, sunglasses are cool because they are as fashionable as they are practical. Best of all, sunglasses are effortless. 

The number one reason to own a pair of sunglasses is to cut out UV rays. Seeing clearly in bright light is a bonus, too. Maui Jim pioneered polarized lenses with their innovative PolarizedPlus2 technology. The high contrast lenses have been sharpening eyesight in bright conditions since 1980. 

Beauty Amid Lahaina

Maui Jim was born in Hawaii, a land of infinite beauty illuminated by the light of Lahaina.  The only problem is that Lahaina translates as “cruel sun.” PolarizedPlus2 lenses were crafted specifically to view that island splendor in the most vibrant colors possible. Not only does it allow your eyes to experience Hawaiian nature, but Maui Jim sunglasses also make the world appear clearer and more detailed. 

It does that with extraordinary lenses and sleek frames that are impressive as their designer counterparts.  See well. Look better. Maui Jim brings the laid-back island spirit to any place in the world.

How Do Their Polarizing Lenses Work?

Sunshine brings out the best in nature. It also creates light too bright for you to comfortably enjoy it. Worse yet, UV rays can do lasting damage to your vision and wear creases into the skin around your eyes. Maui Jim sunglasses exist as a solution to these problems. 

The cruel sun creates a glare, even in a good pair of sunglasses. Harsh glare nullifies this beauty and color, shading your eyes rather than letting them see the world as it actually is. Maui Jim developed its patented PolarizedPlus 2 Technology to conquer glare by combining six different technologies. The difference is as clear as wiping film off a dusty window. It’s instant and remarkable. It all begins with Maui Jim’s Premium Polarizing Film within the lens. The polarizing film eliminates 99.9% of reflected glare, offering precise details and complete clarity. The lenses enhance colors. Regular sunglasses shade your eyes like a dimmer switch. PolarizedPlus2 lenses filter interference with natural light, which lets colors pop.  

Do you know that light that reflects off your cheeks from behind the lens? Maui Jim sunglasses take care of that with their Anti-Reflective Treatment. Reflected light and glare from behind are a thing of the past thanks to the curve of the lens and its placement in relation to your face. Harsh light comes with heat.  Just as the PolarizedPlus2 lenses protect your eyes from UV Rays, sunblock protects your skin. Of course, sunblock makes the bridge of your nose slippery and smudge lenses. With Maui Jim’s patented CLEAR SHELL treatment, waterproof and oleophobic strengthens the lens while repelling water and grease to keep you seeing.

Maui Jim employs nature to improve the way you see nature. Using three rare earth elements, PolarizedPlus2 lenses amplify color, sharpen clarity to reveal the true beauty of everyday life. Whether you’re looking at a wheat field, a sunset behind a city skyline, a field of sunflowers, the Rocky Mountains, desert, or sea, Maui Jim sunglasses will help you see their colorful radiance as nature intended.

Crafted for Comfort, Designed for Style 

With the PolarizedPlus2 technology that protects your eyes against UV rays, Maui Jim sunglasses were created with comfort in mind. As a practical matter, these sunglasses are designed to accompany you in any situation. Whether you’re boating or at the beach or simply hiking at sunset, Maui Jim helps you see clearly and the true colors of the world around you. Ocean blues. Desert amber. The subtle violet nuances of the sky after dusk. 

Maui Jim sunglasses are constructed from sturdy materials like titanium, metal, plastic, and acetate. Depending upon the frame you choose, the lenses are made from glass, polycarbonate, MauiBrilliant, MauiPure, and MauiEvolution. The lens is glass with a UV-protected coating and MauiPure material that protects the lens against scratches. Most importantly, the materials keep Maui Jim sunglasses featherlight and durable. They’re as easy on the ears and nose as they are on the eyes.

The bi-gradient and gradient-colored lenses give off a warm tint that adjusts effortlessly as daylight shifts. Ranging in colors from HCL Bronze, Rose, Grey, Maui Green, Maui Sunrise, and Blue Hawaii, these lenses always look cool. Maui Jim Sunglasses are destined to help you see well and look even better. Maui Jim sunglasses feature everything you want in eyewear while revealing life’s true colors. They rest comfortably over your eyes while providing protection and designer style. Just like Hawaii has unlocked the secret to the universe with their “mahalo” approach to life, Maui Jim has sunwear figured out. 

Experience Maui Jim at SpecsRX

Whether you’re dealing with winter snow or summer heat with the glaring sun challenging your vision. Protect that vision and look sharp with Maui Jim

Specs RX is among only a handful of eyewear stores in the United States authorized to sell Maui Jim online. Stop by one of our four convenient locations in the Wichita metro area to experience the crisp colors for yourself. 

Maui Jim Sunglasses provide clarity, color, and detail amid the most severe light.  Stop squinting and observe the vibrant color of the world all around you. Specs RX embraces fashion-forward eyewear, state-of-the-art sun wear, and the best prescription technology available on the market.  It’s the ideal place to purchase a pair of Maui Jim Sunglasses. 

Visit SpecsRx today! 

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