Help! My dog chewed my glasses!

Have you ever broken one of the temples of your glasses and fixed it with duck tape, or super glue? It works, but now you can't fold your glasses the way you’re supposed to be able to. We can help with that, before getting out the super glue bring your broken glasses to us, and we’ll do everything we can to fix them. Here are some common problems and what we can do to fix them!

Scratched or Cracked Lenses

All of our lenses come with at least one, if not a two-year warranty, depending on your prescription, and the add-ons you get. If in that time frame of your warranty, you notice your lenses are scratched or chipped, just come in, and we can get those ordered for you. When you get new glasses with us and your prescription is single vision your lenses come with a one-time one-year scratch warranty, however, if you upgrade to a premium anti-reflective coating, pr your prescription is progressive, that warranty is extended, and becomes a one-time two-year warranty. 

Bent Temples or Nosepieces

Did you sit on your glasses? Drop them? Put them in a purse or backpack without a case? And then they bent and now they don’t sit right on your face. Don’t be ashamed, it happens much more often than you think, just bring your glasses in, and we will go through the necessary fitting process until those glasses feel perfect again! It’s just another part of the Specs experience. 

Along with nosepieces, nose bridges on plastic frames break often, I mean we’ve all seen the “nerd glasses” held together in the middle by layers, and layers of tape. If this happens we can order you a whole new frame, as covered by most manufacturer defect warranties. 

Broken Temples

It happens, at least once in every glasses wearer’s life they break a temple, think of it as a right of passage! Before resorting to extreme measures bring your glasses in, and we can order you a new temple! Often times if your temple piece just falls off, we can find a screw that fits, and fix that in no time! Maybe you have metal temples, and the rubber on the end of them is worn down and stabbing you in the head, we can fix that too! You’d be surprised by the magic we can work, we will run the mile to get your favorite glasses back to perfect condition, it’s what we do!

Hinges, Screws, Nose Pads, and More!

If you ever lose a screw, or nose pad, if you can find it, we can put it back in its place for you, but it’s lost, we can most likely replace it, and for free! We keep a variety of nose pads and screws in stock, in all of our stores, so stop by, if you need something replaced or repaired! Sometimes hinges break, and it takes more than a new screw to fix it, if your frame is out of warranty, and we can fix it, we can send it out to be fixed! We understand having a frame you can’t live without, and that’s why we try to do everything we can in-store before sending it out for repair!


We want to do everything we can to keep you in the eyewear you love! That’s why we’re willing to take steps regarding frame repair that other places just won’t. You have to wear your glasses every day, you shouldn’t be forced to wear something broken! Even if your dog chews up your glasses two days after you get them, we understand, life happens, and that’s why we’re here to help!

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