Getting the Perfect Fit with the Optikam

Here at Specs we want to make sure every one of our customers has the perfect fit is every aspect of their glasses! Did you know that the way your prescription lenses fit into your frames makes a difference? We take measurements to ensure that your prescription is sitting in just the right spot so you can see. In the past we had to take all these measurements by hand, which took longer and didn’t allow for any kind of social distancing, but now we have this wonderful device called the OptiKam. Partnered with the EY stick the OptiKam gives us almost exact measurements for where your prescription needs to sit in your frames, to give you the perfect fit.

What is the OptiKam?

The OptiKam takes 10 different measurements specific to how your frame fits your face. Unlike traditional manual measurements the Optikam takes into account how curved the frame is and the different tilts it can have to ensure the perfect frame fit. This gives us more accurate measurements for your prescription and finding the perfect spot for your prescription to sit in your frame is important, If your prescription doesn't feel right to your eyes it can cause headaches and eye strain. Using the nine different green dots on the EY stick along with how your frame fits your face the Optikam takes a picture and determines 10 different measurements including pupillary distance and seg heights which are very important to get correct for progressive wearers.

How does the OptiKam work?

Now I’m sure you’re thinking, how does this work? Let me explain the process for you! You come in to work with one of our Eyewear Specialists, pick out a frame, or maybe two that you love! They will ensure that your frame is fitting well and make a few adjustments accordingly.  First, we take your frame, pop the lenses out, and mount the EY stick. All of our Eyewear Specialists are thoroughly trained on how to use the OptiKam and EY stick, so you’re in good hands! After making a couple of adjustments to the EY stick on your frame, you will be asked to put the frame on, and then the Eyewear Specialist will make two more adjustments, including moving a prism in front of your eye, and then they will take the picture. If they don’t get it in one take don’t worry! It might take a couple of tries, but as part of the Specs Experience we won’t let you leave without the perfect fit!

It's all in the Photo

After the photo is taken, your Eyewear Specialist will save it, and finish up the rest of the details for your eyewear order. Once everything is taken care of for you, the customer, you are welcome to leave, and your Eyewear Specialist will revisit your photo, and adjust the measurements to fit your face within the photo, and they will then add those detailed to your eyewear order so that our lab knows what measurements to make your lenses with. 

What do the measurements mean?

Measurements like pupillary distance (how far your pupil sits from the middle of your frame), and ocular center (how far up your pupil sits from the bottom of your frame) are important because that tells us where your optical center needs to sit in your frame. Your pupillary distance and your ocular center or seg are perpendicular to each other, and where they cross is in your pupil, and tell us where in the frame we need to put your lens. Before being cut, lenses come in a circular shape, and in the middle of that lens is the ideal place to look through it. When cutting your lens we use your frame measurements, your pupillary distance, and ocular center to make sure when we cut the lens out that your pupil will be in the ideal spot for you to look through that lens. That means that getting those measurements as accurate as possible is very important.

Part of the Specs Experience is the service you receive and the quality of the product you get from us. Using the OptiKam we are able to take those ever so important in a more comfortable, faster, and more accurate way than ever before. Which creates a better experience for every one of our customers. With those measurements we are able to give you a pair of glasses that corrects your vision well, while also being comfortable, easy to wear, and stylish.

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