Eyewear for Everywear: Glasses for fashion, instead of function!

Not everybody wants to wear, or even needs to wear prescription glasses! And that’s alright, we’re here to fit every eyewear need you may have, even if it’s just completing the perfect look with the perfect pair of fashion glasses! From fashion frames to lenses with colorful tints just for fun, we have something to fit everybody’s eyewear needs! 

Fashion Frames

Just about every frame we carry in-store and online can be worn without prescription in the lenses! Whether you want something overstated and ostentatious like a bright red and gold Versace frame or something a bit more classically elegant like an Oliver People’s frame we have the frame for you! If you love the look of glasses, but don’t have a prescription, we can put non-prescription lenses in the frame of your choice! Expanding your wardrobe shouldn’t stop at clothes and shoes, we all know the right accessories can make or break your look! Add some funky fresh eyewear to your wardrobe to spice up, or amplify your usual look! 

Fashion Lenses

In terms of using lenses to take your fashion to the next level, we can help! We offer a few different add-ons to your glasses lenses to make them a bit more stylized! You can choose to make the sunglass lenses of your dreams with polarization, and mirror options! We have an array of different mirror options including colors like chrome, and gold but also blue, green, and purple! We also have a selection of fashion tints in lots of different colors like your standard grey and brown but also bright colors like pink, purple, blue, and green! Don’t be scared to branch out with those fun colors, and when all your friends ask where you got your amazing glasses tell them Specs! Add some color into your eyewear wardrobe, let us provide you with the right eyewear for everywear!

Eyewear for Everywear

Here at specs, giving you the full Specs Experience means fitting all of your eyewear needs! And more often than not there are people who just love wearing glasses, even when they don’t need them, no judgment here! Branching out and having fun with your eyewear in style and color can be the perfect complement to your look!

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