Etnia Barcelona at Specs In Store and Online

Recently at Specs, we have been making an effort to get more of the brands our customers love, available to them anywhere they are. Like we say, here at Specs we have eyewear for everywear, and we want to make sure that you can get your favorite in fashion eyewear wherever you are. That’s why we have added, and continue to add, many of the brands we sell in-store, to online inventory. Today, we are going to give you a closer look at one of those brands, Etnia Barcelona. An artful, colorful, and creative brand with eyewear from the beautiful country of Spain. 

Inspired by Barcelona, Spain

If you like colorful, unique eyewear that you see on some of your favorite celebrities, from Amy Adams to Jay Z, then Etnia Barcelona is the brand for you! Etnia Barcelona uses natural minerals to craft beautiful eyewear fit for all ages. Etnia has many different collections ranging from their kid's collection to their vintage collection, and everything in between, they create beautiful eyewear for everywear. They challenge their customers to not hold back in expressing themselves in every facet of life, especially in eyewear. That’s why Etnia Barcelona produces wildly beautiful, unique eyewear fit for everywear. 

Being from Barcelona gives Etnia Barcelona a unique background and perspective on eyewear. Etnia Barcelona strives to create eyewear that is art, color, and culture, things that reflect where they're from, Barcelona, Spain. Barcelona is a beautiful city full of old, and new art, history, and culture that is truly reflected in the eyewear made by Etnia Barcelona, you can almost see the colors of the city in their beautifully unique eyewear. Etnia Barcelona holds a lot of pride regarding where they’re from, just like we do here at Specs. We believe it’s important to never forget where you came from and embrace your community and culture as best you can. 

Two Decades of Colorful Frames

We feel as though we have a lot in common with Etnia Barcelona, they were founded in 2001, and Specs in 2002, just the next year. Although only 20 years old, they have generations of experience crafting high-quality eyewear they can be proud of. Etnia Barcelona provides fashionable, unique, high-quality eyewear to their customers, just like we do here at Specs. Their commitment to color, art, and culture is truly inspiring. We try to inspire our customers to be uncommon among the uncommon and go outside of their comfort zone with their eyewear, it’s all part of the Specs experience.

Etnia Barcelona’s take on Sustainability

Briefly mentioned earlier was the material Etnia Barcelona crafts their eyewear from, natural minerals. Etnia Barcelona is a brand that is focused on becoming a more ethical, sustainable brand, and they’re taking clear steps in that direction. To craft their high-quality eyewear they use natural minerals such as cotton, wood, and glass, and when packing their glasses, they cut out single-use plastic, instead opting for bags made of biodegradable cornstarch, and their cases are made of cotton. Ethically, Etnia Barcelona is an equal opportunity company, providing career opportunities equally for men and women. Their factories, offices, and stores are all ethically run, and becoming more eco-friendly as well!

Our Commitment to You, Our Customers

Every day, we are working to add more and more of your favorite brands to our website to allow you, our loyal customers, to shop comfortably and safely from your own home. We are so very excited and proud to be an official Etnia Barcelona retailer, both in-store and online! Etnia Barcelona is just one of many we have on our website, so take a look at our online inventory, and if you’re not sure if you see something you like, feel free to book a Virtual Eyewear Consultation, with one of our experienced Eyewear Specialists!

Our commitment to our customers, and bringing them the best Specs experience we possibly can doesn’t just stop when you walk out of our store. That’s why we are committing ourselves to be more available to our customers by broadening our online store, and bringing you beautiful high-quality eyewear, even if you're not local to us, or have to move away. Whether it’s in-store or online, we still have a standard, and commitment to treating our customers with care, and respect, after all, we wouldn't be here if it weren’t for you!

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