Do you have an old frame you want new lenses in? We've got it covered!

Did you know we can make new lenses for your old frames? If you have a pair of glasses that you absolutely love, but the prescription is too old, we can make new lenses for that frame with your current prescription! 

The Specs Experience

Whether it's a frame you purchased with us or a cool vintage frame from your parent’s time, we can most likely create a new pair of lenses to fit into that frame! Part of the specs experience is putting a smile on our customer’s faces when they see their new glasses! We want to give you that experience where it’s a frame that you just love the look of or your grandpa’s old aviators that have sentimental value to you, and you want to wear it every day! We want to make sure that you, the customer, is happy with their eyewear, and we’ll do everything in our power to make that happen! 

New Lenses

Maybe you have an old frame just sitting around, that you think would make the perfect new sunglasses! If you bring that frame in we can send it in to the lab, and they can make custom sunglasses lenses to fit perfectly into that frame! You could even put your prescription into them. If the frame you’re looking to put new lenses into didn’t come from us, we will have to keep that frame with us so we can send it to the lab. The reason for this is that the lab has to trace the shape of your glasses to get the lenses cut perfectly to fit. Whether it’s a single vision job going to one of our in-store labs at Towne East, New Market, or in Hutch. Or a progressive job going to a different lab, they will still need that frame to get the lens shape just right! 

Vintage Frames

Some of us are just a fan of vintage, and retro-style glasses and sunglasses. There’s nothing wrong with that! Maybe you find the perfect pair of vintage frames at an estate sale, but the lenses are scratched as all get out. We can take that frame to our lab and get new lenses cut for it, so it’s as good as new! This goes for a pair of glasses that may be out of warranty. If you’d like to keep the frame and your lenses are scratched you can just buy a new pair of lenses for the frames, without having to purchase a new frame! 

Don’t give up on those old frames! There’s always a way to bring new life into them! Come on in and speak with one of our eyewear specialists about putting new lenses into an old frame today, and see if that option is right for you! 

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