Caring for Your Specstacular Glasses!

One very important part of wearing glasses, whether that’s prescription glasses or just sunglasses, is cleaning and caring for your glasses. Cleaning glasses is an easy task, but if you use the wrong supplies you run the risk of scratching or damaging your lenses. Putting your glasses in a case is very important, so they don’t fall break.

Cases & Sleeves

When you buy a new pair of glasses they will always come with either a hard case or a sleeve. When you’re not wearing your glasses, you should definitely be putting them in a case or sleeve to keep them protected. Storing your glasses when you’re not wearing them is very important, when you’re not wearing them they should be in their case. Putting your glasses on your head or on your shirt just runs the risk of them falling off and getting scratched or broken. Even if you’re just setting them on your nightstand when you’re going to sleep you should put them in the case, especially if you have pets. Cases and sleeves not only protect the lenses from getting scratched, but they make your frame last longer because there is less of a chance of it getting broken, or of screws coming loose.

Glasses Cleaner

We want to make sure your new glasses or sunglasses stay looking their best, so that’s why we provide you with the proper cleaning spray with every purchase of new glasses. You should always use your cleaning spray to wet your lenses before wiping them off to avoid scratching your glasses. You should never use spit or just water to clean your glasses, spit contains a lot of bacteria and won’t actually clean the lenses, and water will just come right off without cleaning the lenses. When you run out of cleaning spray don’t throw away the bottle, if you bring it into one of our locations we will refill it for you totally free of charge, that’s just part of the Specs experience. If you would like something a little more heavy-duty to clean your glasses, or the regular spray just isn’t working out well for you we suggest Luxe Performance iGel. We use Luxe Performance iGel in our stores for lenses that need a little more heavy-duty cleaning power than what our standard lens cleaner offers. 

Cleaning Cloths

We also provide a cleaning cloth with every bottle of lens cleaner, and if you ever lose your cloth, just stop by any of our locations, and one of our Eyewear Specialists will get you a new one. It’s very important to only use a proper microfiber cleaning cloth to clean your lenses, other materials may cause scratches. Microfiber cloths are used for lens cleaning because they don’t collect dust and dirt like other fabrics, that’s why you shouldn’t use your shirt, or a regular towel to clean off your glasses. 

Tips & Tricks

If you have a habit of hooking your glasses onto your shirt or resting them on top of your head you might want to look into an eyewear retainer. We recommend a Luxe Performance Cable Strap, they have a sleek minimal style to them, with a great sports grip that will hold up to any activity you can put it through. We sell them in all of our Specs stores, or you can check them out online at luxeperformance.com. To keep the integrity of your glasses in the long run, use both hands to put them on and take them off, and when pushing them up try not to push from the nosepiece, especially when you have a wireframe as this can move the nose pieces and disrupt your fit. Speaking of fit, when the temples on your frame feel loose, or you notice your nose pieces have moved you should stop by one of our stores, and ask an Eyewear Specialist to readjust, and tighten your glasses to make sure they’re in tip-top shape! 

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