Benefits of Oakley Prescription Eyewear

Summer season is near and it’s coming fast. We all want to enjoy and cherish this time of the year with comfort and convenience from the sun. Protecting your eyes should be your number one priority from harmful rays and UV lights. The good thing is Specs can help you with all your Oakley prescription needs.  

You might also want to ask why you would need prescription sunglasses. There are a number of benefits that prescription sunglasses provide plus the added fashionable look that it gives. We list some of the advantages a prescription lens contributes not just to your style, but to your eyes as well.

Custom Made

One of the coolest and nicest benefits of prescription glasses is that it emphasizes your assets. It's one of the things we are looking for in terms of look and style. Since a prescription lens is made especially for you, it can highlight your face's best features. It provides an overall balance while you incorporate your own personal style. When picking frames that match your mood and personality, you should consider the design that accentuates the shape of your face. Not to mention Oakley also offers sport-oriented lenses and frames.

Another great feature of having custom-made prescription lenses is the ability to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. You can have a single vision lens or a progressive if you have an add power. Here at Specs, we have excellent Eyewear Specialists who can help you make the right choice for your Oakley prescription lenses.

Eye Protection

It’s a no-brainer when it comes to eye protection; glasses are the first thing that comes to mind. There are other factors that prescription lenses provide and give when it comes to injury prevention and eye care. Having prescription lenses help you eliminate the danger in your day-to-day living, seeing clearly means allowing yourself to react a fraction of a second faster in a critical situation, especially when it comes to driving or a fast pace activity.

Prescription lenses also help the eye development of kids. So getting your little ones checked for any visual problems is a must to immediately apply corrective prescription glasses. Avoiding doing so might result in incomplete eye development; the worst-case scenario might be a permanent visual disability.

Eye Health

Maybe you are torn between contacts and prescription lenses, and it is also possible that you are unsure which one would be better. There are a number of benefits for having prescription glasses when it comes to eye health such as lenses offering less cleaning and maintenance, it also reduces the chances of eye infection since it offers less touching on the eye. Other benefits of prescription glasses are protecting the eye from dust and other microorganisms. And on top of that, prescription lenses protect your eyes from UV rays.

If you have plans on getting your Oakley prescription lenses, don’t hesitate and go to the nearest Specs locations. We have five convenient stores around Kansas. Just visit our store in the following locations in Wichita, KS: New Market, Towne East, and Waterfront, Hutchinson.

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