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HELMET SPEX (Matte Navy Green)

Frame Color/Lens Color49 S - Matte Navy Green / Clear - Single-vision


Helmet Spex are designed to be the best fitting frame for youth sports protective eyewear that require a helmet for those that prefer a goggle fit. Key features include soft rubber end pieces that mold to the face that offer additional cushioning, an adjustable goggle strap that contours over the ears, and venting in the eye-rim for increase airflow. Helmet Spex include a skull cap to wear with helmets that must be worn over the goggle and under the helmet to keep the goggle in place. 



  • Small [A:49 B:32 ED:51 DBL:18]
  • Medium [A:53 B:35 ED:55 DBL:17]
  • Large/XL [A:58 B:39.7 ED:60.6 DBL:18]


The sizing is the official measuring standard for all frames:

Size: A DBL
  49 18
Size: A DBL
  53 17
  • A = the horizontal measurement of the lens
  • B = the vertical measurement of the lens
  • ED = Effective Diameter defines the minimum diameter lens that will fit a frame when the geometric center of the lens is exactly centered in the frame.
  • DBL = Distance Between Lenses or the bridge size
  • TL = Temple Length


Lens Package:

  • All of our frames include a clear single-vision Rx with anti-fog coating.
  • Upgrade to light-responsive (photochromic) lenses that change from clear to dark grey in the sun (rain or shine).


Prescription Options:

  • All of our frames include clear, single-vision prescription lenses.
  • Upgrade to progressive (covers reading, distance, and in between).



  • Helmet Spex has been designed to be the best fitting frame for sports that require a helmet (Football, Baseball, Lacrosse, Hockey, and others) 
  • Soft rubber endpieces mold to the face and provides additional cushioning at key contact points 
  • Adjustable goggle strap contours over the ears for a more comfortable fit 
  • Venting grooves in eye-rim for increased airflow
  • Color treatments on the frame fronts fade from a matte to a gloss finish 



  • Skull cap is included to wear with helmets



  • Meets or exceeds ASTM F803 impact resistance standards for several sports.


Frame Measurements