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Frogskins XS Replacement Lens

Lens Colorfire iridium
fire iridium fire iridium
grey grey
positive red iridium positive red iridium
prizm bronze prizm bronze
prizm jade prizm jade
prizm ruby prizm ruby
prizm sapphire prizm sapphire
prizm tungsten prizm tungsten
violet iridium violet iridium
Reader Power



Light Transmission: 16%
Contrast: Increased
Light Conditions: Bright Light

PRODUCT OVERVIEW:Customize the look of your Frogskins™ XS eyewear and get the best optical performance for where you use it most. All replacement lenses feature the unbeatable clarity, impact resistance and 100% UV filtering of Oakley's HIGH DEFINITION OPTICS™ (HDO™).
Important Note: Replacement lenses may not be returned if they have been mounted or scratched. Asian Fit lenses cannot be installed in standard-size eyewear frames.

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