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Locally owned, Specs has evolved from one little kiosk to five big stores. Specializing in fashion forward eyewear, cutting-edge sun wear and advanced prescription technology, Specs is determined that every customer leave with an exceptional Specs experience. Committed to celebrating diversity, embracing change and leaping out of comfort zones, Specs gives back to the community while winning new fans every day.

Specs has been an active member of the Wichita & El Dorado Chambers from the beginning and, over the years, we’ve been honored to join the Derby & Andover Chambers as well. Our participation in Chamber events continues to provide a great value for our membership. For instance, for Exposure 2015, we enjoyed teaming up with some of our favorite other local businesses and friends to create one huge booth that was unique, memorable and well received by all attendees.

Specs started in 2002 and has been growing steadily ever since. Through many tough changes in the marketplace and global economy, Specs has adapted and now boasts five locations looking to expand into new markets in the coming years. In 2014, our first store reached one million dollars in sales. In 2015, two of our stores hit over one million dollars in sales and in 2016 three of our stores are projected to hit over one million dollars in sales.  This growth has almost doubled the amount of employees currently staffed.  Getting all these new staff members to the Specs customer experience standard has helped encourage training method innovations as new and existing employees learn specific sets of skills and cross-train each other, pulling together as a team to meet the goal.

The Specs concept has evolved greatly, from one little kiosk into five very successful stores. That transformation is a hearty endorsement for the entrepreneurial opportunities available in the Wichita Metro Area. Specs is an inspiring story for anyone with a concept and a dream. And for fashionable eyewear for everyone and every situation life brings.

“Even if others doubt you, pass on your idea, don’t give up. Specs proves that it is possible to create the business of your dreams,” Monte Ysidro.

Awards and Recognitions: The Business Award of Excellence- awarded by the Governor and the State of Kansas, Best Vision Service of ICT from The Wichita Eagle, 2 previous nominations for the WMCC Small Business Awards, Chili cook-off top five, nominated as one of the best places to work by the Wichita Business Journal.