Why Choose Oakley Sunglasses?

Want to up your style and look, but didn’t know how? By simply adding a pair of sunglasses can give a big impact on your outfit, plus added protective features when you choose the best of the best like Oakley. If you’re around Kansas and nearby states, then you’re in luck because Specs Eyewear is the biggest Oakley dealer near you.

Why Choose Oakley Sunglasses?

You may ask why choose Oakley? Since there are other brands out there that you might think are giving protection and the same effect on your eyes during usage, Oakley sunglasses are different from the rest. In fact, there were several things you must consider when selecting the perfect eyewear. It’s not just about the darkest tint and glare reduction from the sun but also compiles on international excellence which Z87 Oakley’s standard glasses are more than compliant.

Oakley as a brand prides itself on providing superb quality material from its lenses that can give UV and impact protection, to even the smallest parts of its frame are on high standards and most importantly gives the wearer a clear and sharp image no matter what activity they are engaged in.

Here are some reasons to choose Oakley.

Lens Quality 

This is one of the major factors in choosing the right pair of sunglasses. Spending hours outside can be pretty strenuous on your eyes resulting in headache, fatigue, and eye strain due to the jaggedness of your vision and the brain processing it. Fortunately, Oakley sunglasses developed its own lens technology that helps you see more clearly and get rid of all the discomfort, thanks to the “High Definition Optics”. This technology corrects the light patterns as it passes through the lenses, eliminating distortion and image shift, ensuring that your eyes and brain don’t need to compensate for the irregularities.

UV protection is another factor when it comes to lenses. Not all sunglasses offer the same quality as Oakley’s Plutonite lenses that can filter out all UVA, UVB, and UVC. We should take care of our eyes and avoid any kind of external factors that can damage it. Specs Eyewear offers Oakley prescription sunglasses and eyeglasses that are highly recommended by many customers.

Polarization can also have a huge effect on your viewing experience in terms of sunglasses because polarized lenses block glare being magnified by your environment such as roads, windshields, and water which results in a distorted and hazy image.

Impact Protection

Protection from debris and foreign objects is a must when it comes to sunglasses and in this area, Oakley always ensures that the products they created are in compliance with the international standards following the ANSI Z87.2 standard for industrial protective eyewear. There were two parts tests being done on their glasses, the first one includes a high mass impact test consisting of six inches 500-gram steel spike being dropped directly 4 feet above the lens.  The second part was a high-velocity impact test where a steel pellet, almost the same as the shotgun pellet is fired into its lens at 102 mph. With the help of these tests, Oakley assures that their products from the factory until it was delivered to your house were of the highest quality.

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