Specs Updates with COVID-19

Specs is dedicated to providing the community with exceptional eyewear, the latest prescription technology, and up-to-date styles while providing the best customer service experience! We also want to make sure we are communicating with our customers during these difficult times and providing updates in regards to COVID-19. As of today, March 25th at 12:01 am, Sedgwick county put the Stay at Home order into effect. We have been getting a lot of calls from people with prescription glasses on order and wondering about our status with the new Sedgwick county order. Below are some key points of what that means for Specs and YOU! 
  • We have been informed that we are considered an essential business and will be able to fulfill customers' eyewear needs. We will be open during this time and accessible if you need us but in a modified manner during the next 30 days. Be assured we are taking the order seriously and with the utmost respect for our employees and customers. 
  • We will have staff at all the stores following up and checking daily on prescription glasses that are on order as well as all other special orders. We appreciate that you have trusted us with your glasses and we know that we can't just lock the door and come back in 30 days.  When your glasses arrive, we'll message or call and discuss the best way for you to receive your eyewear. Options that we may provide to ensure you receive your eyewear safely.​ We want to accommodate your comfort level in whatever capacity that may be.
    • All locations (except the Towne East Mall location) will be staffed if you wish to come in.
    • If you wish to pick your glasses up at the store but would prefer to not come in, you can call ahead for curbside pick-up.
    • We will ship your glasses to you free of charge during this time.
    • We can keep the order on hold for the next 30 days or until you are able to come in.
    • We also can deliver your glasses to your front door with our Specs Cube.  
  • We want to say business as usual but it is in an extremely modified way. All locations have currently shortened hours and we are operating with minimal staff. If you need us during this time it would be best to call ahead, as we are trying to comply with Social Distancing and other restrictions that can potentially change at any time.  
  • Most of the prescription lens labs we work with are conducting business as normal and producing prescription lenses.  We will be following up on orders in process and can also help with new orders. 
  • If you need repairs, scratch warranties, and other services (s) or parts, it might be easier to call, text or email and we can get the necessary item ordered without you having to leave your house. There are several situations that we are able to accomplish over the phone or any type of communication. But if you need us in the store we'll still be here.
  • If you lose your glasses or just want a backup pair of the same model - these can easily be ordered without needing to come in the store, just call, text, or email.
  • Need sunglasses? No problem! Call, text, or email us. We have the same options as stated before: Shipping, curbside pickup, or the Specs Cube can drop them off.
  • If you are showing symptoms or are sick in any way, we would greatly appreciate it if you would give us a call so we can resolve the situation without potentially creating a risk for employees and other customers. If you seem to be experiencing any symptoms (even if it is outside the COVID-19 symptoms) social distancing and quarantining yourself would be the best options. Please follow the CDC guidelines if you have traveled within the states or internationally. 
  • All Specs locations are cleaning to the requirements/recommendations that the CDC has provided. Employees are working diligently to sanitize all surfaces, eyewear, tools, as well as their hands before and after each customer. If you are trying on eyewear, our Eyewear Specialists will set aside the eyewear to then sanitize. Safety and the health of our customers and employees are the highest priorities.
  • Currently, there are no restrictions in Butler and Reno counties, so our Hutchinson location is not currently under the Stay at Home order but we have reduced the hours and are taking many of the same precautions and extra cleaning as the Wichita area stores.   
  • The entire Towne East mall remains closed for the duration of the 30 day Stay at Home order. You are still able to call us as we have made arrangements to be available for our customers.  
We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and will follow guidance from public health officials and government agencies, so we can continue to support our customers and communities as needed. These are unprecedented times, but we'll all get through this together and come out stronger on the other side. We appreciate all of your business over these last 18 years and look forward to serving you in the future!  Please let us know how we can help! Contact information is found below.

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