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It is that time of year for spring sports to get underway. Do you have little ones in soccer, baseball, or any type of sport where it would be beneficial for them to wear protective eyewear? We have what you need no matter the sport. If your child is in need of protective eyewear in prescription we can make that possible. We are able to put the prescription in protective eyewear whether you want it clear or with a tint for outside activities. Don’t forget protective eyewear is not just for kids. We have great options for all ages!

Liberty Sports

Liberty Sports eyewear has great frames that have clear lenses to help protect eyes from outside elements such as sand and dirt. Liberty Sports eyewear has an advanced eye rim design to allow for a wide range of prescription lenses. They contain molded padding that provides grip, comfort, and durable long-lasting protection. The softness of the material allows the temple to act as an extension of the strap which provides flex, comfort, and grip during play. Each frame is made of high-impact nylon with polycarbonate lenses that meet ASTM F803 safety standards. Liberty Sports eyewear is soft, hypo-allergenic TPR bridge for added comfort.

Injuries are always possible during sports. Protective eyewear can help eliminate that potential injury. Basketball eye injuries result in 6,307 in a year; Soccer typically sees 1,338 eye injuries in a year, and water/pool activity eye injuries result in 5,505 a year. These statistics have been found by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Directorate for Epidemiology; National Injury Information Clearinghouse; National Electronic Injury Surveillance System.

Protection for All Ages

Specs has protective eyewear for all ages. Liberty Sports is great for children and adults. They have been able to accommodate children learning a new sport to adults participating in an all-time favorite past-time. Oakley has created sport-specific eyewear to make your experience even better. Oakley has Golf, Baseball (for outfield and infield), Deep Water, and Shallow Water Fishing Prizm lenses that can intensify each sport as well as improve your skill. Wiley X is another brand Specs carry that is great protective eyewear especially for those that work in high-risk conditions. The great thing about Wiley X frames and lenses is that they are safety stamped which most employers will require.

Stop by Specs anytime whether it be for yourself or a family member. We have many options to fit every need. We can help protect one of the most valuable senses you have.

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