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Brooklyn Spectacles at Specs

The Specs New Market location has a new brand that we are very excited about! Brooklyn Spectacle has arrived! The New Market location at Maize and 21st has a new brand called Brooklyn Spectacle. Throughout time, Brooklyn, New York has been one of the most interesting places in the world. The most unique and eclectic personalities have gathered in this city to create art. Brooklyn is the place where artists have been able to turn their dreams into reality. The cultural diversity has been created and encouraged a very rich community of street and fine artists, designers, musicians, performers, and trendsetters. It all makes perfect sense for Brooklyn, NY to be the birthing place for Brooklyn Spectacles – one of the most energetic eyewear brands to hit the market!

Brooklyn Spectacles has created each frame with Brooklyn, NY in mind. Each frame is named after street, neighborhoods, and many more local landmarks in the area. These aspects of Brooklyn Spectacles is a part of everyday life in New York. The independent brand encourages their community while creating amazingly crafted eyewear. You will find these frames on the grocer at the local Brooklynn grocery store as well as on stages of performers.

Every Brooklyn Spectacles frame has been created in their studio at Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Each piece of eyewear is inspected and made with a team of eyewear professionals that have year of extensive experience. The acetate frames are composed of the best polishing effect material from Itay that embodies the rarest colors. The 5 barrel hinge and hardware are sourced with the only the best of quality from the top notch suppliers around. The wire core temple is mounted at the hinge with a solid core wire to increase the strength and durability.

Brooklyn Spectacles is a handcrafted eyewear line from beginning to end. The front of the frame for each shape is cut from a single flat sheet of Italian acetate. There are multiple detailed steps to produce just one frame. One unique line that Brooklyn Spectacles has is the handcrafted faux-wood frames. All still made of the best acetate around the faux-wood frames accomplish the aesthetic of wood with its exceptional texture.

Exclusive only at our New Market location. Our Eyewear Specialists will be available to help you find the perfect pair of Brooklyn Spectacles. Specs is able to do all frames with your prescription. Don't have your prescription with you? That is fine! We can call your doctor and get the prescription faxed over. In need of a new prescription? Dr. Beggs Family Vision is next door to us and we can help you schedule an appointment to get your eye exam done. Each frame comes in several different colors and we are able to order those in for you to try on before purchasing. Call Specs to find out more about Brooklyn Spectacles: 316-773-2737 or stop by to check them out for yourself! Specs Eyewear 2357 N. Maize Road #101 Wichita, KS 67205

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