Vision Insurance & Benefits

Specs is now able to file more insurances than before. We are now able to file your out of network benefits for certain insurances. VSP, Davis Vision, Spectra, and Cigna have been insurances that Specs has not been able to file. Specs is now able to file your out of network benefits towards your frames, lenses, and contacts. The process is simple and easy for our customer and there is no paperwork for you!

Vision insurance can be confusing. The administrative and financial burden in health care is growing. Eye Care Professionals and their patients are increasingly required to make trade-offs between quality, convenience and value in healthcare. We can now eliminate that hassle by helping you tackle your insurance claims. We are now able to use a fully connected platform that will better serve you. Patch is a program where we can easily capture your out-of-network plan benefits, eligibility, and immediately submit claims in minutes.

First step is to gather all the important information. An eyewear specialist will ask for your name, date of birth and last four of your social security number. This will pull up your information and out-of-network benefits quickly. Once your coverage is determined we can deduct that from your overall total. But there are more discounts coming your way! After we take off your out-of-network benefits we take an additional 20% off your total! You are using your healthcare benefits while getting extra discounts on the same order.

Now that Specs has this new feature to offer, stop by to see what your benefits and our discounts can do for you. Our eyewear specialists will make the process simple starting with finding the perfect frame for you to filing your eyewear insurance.