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    New Eyewear at Waterfront: Blackfin

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    Blackfin Eyewear

         Specs Waterfront location has a new brand to offer their customers. Specs recently visited Vision Expo which is a convention that has all the latest styles and trends in all eyewear brands. We found the brand Blackfin and just knew we had to bring it back to Kansas for our customers. A little bit of Italy making its way to Wichita, Kansas.

          The Blackfin brand identity is Looking Beyond. Always. An eyewear designed for those who want to see the world from a new point of view and continue to look ahead. Always. Different from anyone else, equal only to ourselves. There are those who follow the paths traced by others and those who break new ground. We could have met the future together with the others, but we decided to build on of our own: where it is not important to stand out, but to be truly oneself. We are well aware who and what we are: daring visionaries who want to stay in the front row, because we do not want to anybody else to make decisions for us.

         Blackfin is driven by an innate desire to always look ahead and a deep awareness of our skills. This is why their products are the direct reflection of our abilities: the ability to perform a truly unique work and the attention to every single construction detail. Titanium and every single characteristic of it that’s what we know perfectly well; that’s their very material; and that is why we are able to form it like no one else and why we succeed in combining it with a truly advanced design. Made of titanium: to combine strength, lightness and flexibility.

         Blackfin story began in 1971 in Agordo, Italy. Blackfin works in Italy but with a process all their own. So, if the “Made in Italy” is a fixed point, they made the “neomadeinitaly” their strong point. They work with slabs of raw titanium in Japan that are certified producers that can guarantee the purest and most perfect titanium. The entire Blackfin team works as a close family in Agordo, Italy. A Blackfin frame starts life as a concept that becomes a sketch and finally a prototype. There are many steps on the way to this transformation – technical tests, color matching, constant adjustments, backed by a wealth of knowledge. At the end of all this, what we have in our hands is sheer perfection, impeccable style and design. It takes a total of 53 macro-phases to make a Blackfin frame. Others call these production process, but to Blackfin they are rites of passage.

         Stop by our Waterfront location to see the new brand that has come through our doors. You will surely see the quality and detail that is put into every frame. 

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