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    Specs in Comparison

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    Specs in Comparison

         Specs eyewear has five locations – New Market on the west side of Wichita, Waterfront on the east side, Towne East Mall, Derby and El Dorado. This makes at least one Specs location in the perfect location for everyone in Wichita and surrounding areas. Specs strives in providing the best customer experience possible to every person that walks through our doors. This also means that we strive to provide the highest quality lens with the best price possible. All our lenses are made with the latest and greatest technology to make your prescription have the best clarity possible.

         All our prescription jobs always include scratch resistant, ultraviolet, and anti-reflective coatings. Single vision prescription jobs also include a one year one time scratch warranty – that means if your lenses get scratched, dented, or anything else we replace the lenses for FREE! No extra charge for the warranty either. When purchasing progressive lenses you will receive all the great coatings but the scratch warranty gets bumped up to TWO years! We want to make the process as simple as possible for our customers. You don’t even have to be without your glasses while we make new lenses for you. We save your personal prescription job with an archive number. That means we are able to cut your lenses to your frames exact shape without have to keep your frames. When they are finished you just have to come in for 5 minutes so we can switch out lenses and you are ready to go – scratch free!

         Here at Specs we want each customer to feel as if they are now a part of the Specs Family not just another customer coming through the door. We spend the time to talk through each frame you pick out, making sure the frame chosen is a right fit physically and personally. We believe in honesty during all aspects. We have trained our Eyewear Specialists to help properly fit each customer so your eyewear needs are perfect for you. Every prescription job also receives a Specs cleaning cloth and cleaning spray. Once the cloth gets dirty – throw it away and come see us for another one. Cleaning the cloths can potentially damage your lenses the next time you clean them. If cleaned with detergent, the product will then scratch the lenses. Once you have used all your cleaning spray – bring it in and we will refill it! We appreciate every customer that gives Specs a chance to earn their business and we look forward to help new and current customers. #specsfitsme